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A free* digital tool for families, community-based organizations, and schools.

Hundreds of elementary schools nationwide trust WORD Force to teach early reading skills.

Key lesson details

Grade Level
Number of lessons
15 Games,
5 Levels Each
Time per lesson
8-10 min
Common Core State Standards for
English Language Arts, State-Based
English Language Arts Standards

WORD Force is a custom-built, state-of-the-art curriculum.

Our program uses evidence-based strategies developed by leading education technology company, EVERFI, whose courses are used by more than 46 million learners across the nation.
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Key features


Children can play on their own on a computer or laptop device. Mobile games will be coming soon!

Gamified experience

15 games, with 5 levels in each game, allow learners to work at their own pace and unlock new challenges each time they master a topic.

What teachers are saying

“Our class had fun checking out #WordForceStory this morning as a class we completed a lesson together working on diagraphs and then the kids wrote their own story about how one of the characters could save the world! They loved it!”
Nicole Hensley, Indiana
“My kids had so much fun playing literacy games and building stories using their writing activity! Thanks for inviting us to try it out”
Ms. Bahar, Georgia
“Learning is fun with #wordforce. Of course the online games were their favorite!”
Haley Crosby, Texas

A sneak peek at the learning experience

Beginning and ending sounds

This game will help students gain confidence in identifying words that have the same beginning or ending sound.


This game will help students feel confident in identifying rhyming pairs.

Letter sounds

This game will help students gain confidence in matching sounds with their later representations.


This game will help students learn to spell phonetically-regular words such as cap and hug.

Phonemic awareness

This game helps students to develop phonemic awareness skills by listening to words segmented into phonemes and matching the segmented sounds with the corresponding word.


This game will help students develop knowledge of Tier II vocabulary words by learning new words and then matching the new vocabulary words to appropriate pictorial representations of the words.