a elementary school teacher and student looking at a classroom laptop

WORD Force is a fun, state-of-the-art program.

A research-driven, educational game developed by leading education technology company, EVERFI, whose courses are used by more than 46 million learners nationwide.

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What they’ll learn

Learners will practice key reading skills as they play WORD Force.

  • Phonological awareness skills like rhyming (cat, sat)
  • Phonics skills like putting alphabet letters together to make written words
  • Spelling words like cat, sock, bike, and rain
  • Vocabulary building to know and use many words
  • Reading comprehension skills to understand the meaning of stories

Key lesson details

Unicorn Man
Grade Level
Kindergarten-2nd grade
Tina Turtle
15 games, with 5 levels in each game, allow learners to unlock new challenges each time they master a topic.
Free! Truist’s sponsorship of WORD Force ensures all children can play the games and improve their reading skills without financial barriers.

Benefits of school-based platform

  • Clever & Classlink integration ready 
  • In-depth student insights and reporting
  • Access to additional resources to extend classroom learning

What teachers are saying

“Our class had fun checking out #WordForceStory this morning as a class we completed a lesson together working on diagraphs and then the kids wrote their own story about how one of the characters could save the world! They loved it!”
Nicole Hensley, Indiana
“My kids had so much fun playing literacy games and building stories using their writing activity! Thanks for inviting us to try it out”
Ms. Bahar, Georgia
“Learning is fun with #wordforce. Of course the online games were their favorite!”
Haley Crosby, Texas