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A curriculum designed to advance educational equity

At Truist, we're collaborating with EVERFI to make learning equitable. We've developed and funded a digital reading program called WORD Force so that students across the nation have free* access to early literacy tools.

Childhood illiteracy is a serious problem with long-lasting effects.

Only 35% of fourth graders in the U.S. are proficient in reading. At the current rate of progress, it will take nearly 30 years before just half of America’s fourth graders are able to read at a proficient level for their age. (source)
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Early literacy is key to academic achievement and career success.

We know there is a strong link between early literacy and later academic achievement. Early literacy is also predictive of students’ academic achievement, graduation rates, and overall earning power in adult life, which means learning to read is a crucial step in the learning process for every single child. (source)
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WORD Force is designed to help children practice reading skills while having fun.

WORD Force offers opportunities for students to learn and practice skills for early reading, including phonological awareness, letter-sound/letter name correspondence, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, sight words, and reading comprehension. As the commander of the WORD Force, a motley group of superheroes, students will develop a strong foundation in key beginning reading skills.
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