An early literacy adventure that children will enjoy

In collaboration with EVERFI, Truist brings you WORD Force - A Literacy Adventure for K-2 Students. WORD Force is an interactive digital learning course that helps students develop a strong foundation in key reading skills.

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Developing strong literacy skills at an early age helps students reach their full potential.

Making learning to read a joyful experience

With fun characters and a creative “save the world” storyline, learners of all abilities feel empowered and, more importantly, joyful along their literacy journey.
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Funded by Truist. Free* for learners across the nation.

At Truist, we're committed to inspiring and building better lives and communities. That's why we're providing learners across the nation with access to WORD Force. We want to remove financial obstacles for families to support their children's reading goals. Early literacy supports increased academic achievement, graduation rates, and improved earning power later in life.
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Parents love WORD Force

"Both my kids have really enjoyed the games! Charlie, our kindergartner, was the first to play. He loves the interaction, animation, and silliness...Caroline, our nearly 4-year-old, has also become interested in the games after watching her brother. This morning we worked on rhyming and she had a blast. As two working parents, we are so grateful to EVERFI & Truist for allowing students access to these great tools."

Parent in Massachusetts

“These reading games are awesome! A few days ago, my 5-year-old did not know how to rhyme and was having trouble with a number of letter sounds. Now he is pointing out the first letter of every object he sees and pretending he is “Robot Pig,” one of the characters in the game. My partner and I were blown away at the change. The diverse characters and silly narratives hooked him instantly, and I feel good knowing that his screentime is active learning time.”

Parent in Virginia

A sneak peek at the learning experience

Beginning and ending sounds

This game will help students gain confidence in identifying words that have the same beginning or ending sound.


This game will help students feel confident in identifying rhyming pairs.

Letter sounds

This game will help students gain confidence in matching sounds with their later representations.


This game will help students learn to spell phonetically-regular words such as cap and hug.

Phonemic awareness

This game helps students to develop phonemic awareness skills by listening to words segmented into phonemes and matching the segmented sounds with the corresponding word.


This game will help students develop knowledge of Tier II vocabulary words by learning new words and then matching the new vocabulary words to appropriate pictorial representations of the words.